NCOIL elects slate of new officers

NCOIL elects slate of new officers

NCOIL elects slate of new officers | Insurance Business America

For the first time, the organization will be led by a majority-diverse group

NCOIL elects slate of new officers

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The National Council of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) has elected its officers for the upcoming year. With the election, NCOIL will be led by a majority-diverse group for the first time.

  • Texas Rep. Tom Oliverson, M.D. – president
  • New York Assemblywoman Pamela Hunter – vice president
  • Minnesota Sen. Paul Utke – treasurer
  • Louisiana Rep. Edmond Jordan – secretary

Arkansas Rep. Deborah Ferguson will remain in leadership as immediate past president.

“It has been great to see NCOIL grow over the past several years, and I am very honored to be elected president to help build on that momentum,” Oliverson said. “I look forward to working with this officer group to continue advancing NCOIL’s national reach and tackle emerging insurance public policy issues in the year ahead.”

“NCOIL is an organization that knows how to get things done in an efficient and bipartisan way and I’m proud to be a part of its leadership,” Hunter said. “This year we have addressed important issues ranging from different types of ESG policy to insurance coverage for biomarker testing, and I’m confident NCOIL will continue to play a key role in helping legislators and interested parties stay informed.”

“Last year was a terrific year to be in the NCOIL officer ranks, and I am very happy to now be serving as treasurer,” Utke said. “Keeping NCOIL on a sound financial path is essential in ensuring that we are able to continue making advances on insurance policy and grow our legislative membership long-term.”

“I’ve had the honor to be in NCOIL’s policy committee leadership for a number of years, and I am glad to now take the next step and put that experience to work in the NCOIL officer ranks,” Jordan said. “This is an organization that I have benefited greatly from throughout my legislative career, and I look forward to working to advance NCOIL and bring even more legislators into our membership.”

The newly elected officers took office at the conclusion of NCOIL’s recent annual meeting in Columbus, Ohio.

“This was truly a wonderful year to serve as NCOIL president, and I know the organization is in great hands with the experienced and diverse leadership of this new officer group,” Ferguson said. “I’ve seen firsthand each one of these officers positively impact the organization and couldn’t be more thrilled for NCOIL’s future.”

“We are very fortunate to have this officer group the membership elected,” said Tom Considine, CEO of NCOIL. “Tom Oliverson has been a leader at NCOIL for years, as well as in Texas, where he chairs the House Insurance Committee. Pam Hunter was a very effective and result-driven policy committee chair at NCOIL before starting her service as an officer, and Paul Utke has continued to make invaluable contributions throughout his involvement. Our new addition to the officer ranks, Edmond Jordan, has taken the lead on many issues here throughout the years, and we’re all confident he’ll make even greater contributions as an officer.”

Oliverson praised the outgoing NCOIL president for her work for the organization.

“Everyone at NCOIL is beyond appreciative of all Representative Ferguson has done leading the organization as president this past year,” he said. “I know that her perspective and knowledge will be immensely valuable in the year ahead in her role as immediate past president.”

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