“Look for people in need and commit to bringing them hope”

“Look for people in need and commit to bringing them hope”

“Look for people in need and commit to bringing them hope” | Insurance Business America

IBA Hall of Famer Mario Vitale reflects on 45 years in insurance

With 45 years in the insurance industry, Mario Vitale has held leadership positions at companies across the globe.

Vitale’s past positions include:

  • CEO of Aspen’s global reinsurance operations
  • CEO of global corporate, Zurich Financial Solutions
  • CEO of Willis North America
  • Chairman of Willis Global Large Accounts Practice
  • Member of the WNS Global Services board of directors

Now president of cyber risk company Resilience, Vitale’s depth and breadth of experience have earned him a spot on IBA’s 2023 Hall of Fame list.

“I have been incredibly fortunate to follow my passion,” Vitale told IBA. “I love this field; it’s intellectually stimulating, it helps companies by reducing their risk, and it’s critical for driving innovation in our capitalist market economy.”

Vitale joined startup Resilience after years of leading large, established organizations.

“This is a different model than the tried-and-true insurance formula, and while there are overlaps in Resilience with the rest of the industry, at its core, it is a completely different value proposition for clients,” he said. “We are constantly testing what’s working with clients, what’s working with brokers, and what’s working to help our clients be more cyber resilient.”

Vitale said one of his passions is enabling a broader understanding of insurance.

“There is a need for education of clients about risks and transfer,” he said. “Education really is the core of what we’re trying to do, not just at Resilience but in the industry overall. Insurance is a great enabler of business.”

With more than four decades in insurance, Vitale is mindful of the mark he wants to make on the sector.

“The legacy I’d like to leave is for insurance professionals to always look for people in need and commit to bringing them hope,” he said. “The insurance industry does that in ways large and small, around the world. Seeing the difference the insurance industry can make is life-changing; it certainly changed mine for the better.”

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