HDI Global publishes financial results for 9M 2023

HDI Global publishes financial results for 9M 2023

HDI Global publishes financial results for 9M 2023 | Insurance Business America

Insurance revenue recorded double-digit growth year-on-year

HDI Global publishes financial results for 9M 2023

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Kenneth Araullo

HDI Global has reported robust growth in revenue and earnings for the first nine months of the 2023 financial year.

The industrial insurer recorded a notable improvement in its combined ratio, reaching 92.7% compared to the same period last year. The insurer’s generated insurance revenue totalled €6.6 billion, with a return on equity of 13.4% after nine months, surpassing its strategic target of over 10%.

Year-on-year insurance revenue saw a 10% increase to €6.6 billion, or 12%, when adjusted for currency effects. This growth is primarily attributed to expansion in the property and liability business segments. The insurance service result improved significantly to €481 million from €275 million, benefiting from reduced frequency and size of losses, as well as positive effects from rising interest rates on loss reserves.

Large losses decreased to €267 million from €316 million compared to the previous year and were €16 million under the pro-rata budget. Consequently, the combined ratio improved from 95.4% to 92.7%. The net insurance financial and investment results, before currency effects, decreased to €22 million from €169 million, largely due to increased interest in loss reserves.

However, operating profit grew to €293 million from €271 million, and the contribution to the group net income rose to €243 million from €199 million. The return on equity after nine months stood at 13.4%, exceeding the company’s strategic goal.

“Thank you to our clients and business partners for maintaining our longstanding, good relationships and furthering the continued trust. The results show that we are a continuously predictable, and financially strong partner in times of transformation. With our tailor-made solutions and expertise, we focus on prevention and risk management so that risks are minimised, and damage does not occur in the first place. In the event of a claim, our top priority is to ensure the future viability of the insured company by limiting the extent of the damage,” HDI Global CEO Dr Edgar Puls said.

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